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Bridging the Gap: Integrative Medicine Meets Population Health

  Happy International Integrative Health Day !  Let's dive into a high-level solution for transforming healthcare by building our practices around population health and value-based care.

What is Integrative Medicine? Past, Present, & Future

How do we deliver phenomenal healthcare? What are the solutions to manage the chronic health problems plaguing our communities?
If you are only loosely familiar with terms, Integrative Medicine or Integrative Health, it’s time to catchup on the action! 
This article series will include past, present, and future perspectives on Integrative Medicine. 

First, an introduction...Welcome to IM Health, the blog for those who want to transform healthcare. The focus is on comprehensive, patient-centered holistic care combining  innovation, teamwork, and lifestyle transformation. 

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Through multiple rejections and dead-ends, I finally got on right career path. No one wanted to hire me as an integrative medicine physician, and I'm glad !

What is Integrative Medicine? DREAM BIG for the future of healthcare

This article concludes the series on What is Integrative Medicine? Past, Present, and Future. This article is an opinion piece exploring the necessary elements for a blueprint, not only for the future of integrative medicine, but also for the future of healthcare in the U.S. 

Integrative Medicine: We Can do Better

The national events of 2020 have shifted our priorities back toward healthcare reform with a focus on increasing access and eliminating healthcare disparities.  There is an urgency for us to commit to a collective vision for Integrative Medicine & Health.