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Non-Pharmacological and Natural Treatments for Nerve Pain, Part 1

Can lifestyle changes help with nerve pain? Yes. There is scientific evidence out there showing diet and exercise can lead to a decrease in neuropathy symptoms from diabetes (diabetic neuropathy). 

IM Living Present: Conquering limiting beliefs and being present to our life's purpose

Limiting beliefs can sabotage and stall dreams. We face challenges at all career stages in overcoming deeply engrained beliefs that prevent us from being of the highest service in our professions and making a positive impact in the world.

What is Integrative Medicine? Present Perspective 2020

Integrative Medicine and Health celebrates its present successes and acknowledges its on-going challenges.

Integrative Medicine: IM Living History

Integrative Medicine: IM Living History
A physician’s narrative on her twenty-year personal journey to practicing Integrative Medicine… on her own terms

What is Integrative Medicine? Past History & Legacy

What is Integrative Medicine?
Where did Integrative Medicine in the US come from? …A brief history